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About Us

We have a global reach, thanks to our live showroom 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and thanks to our instant consultations you will be able to take advantage of all the potential that the internet offers us so that B2B entrepreneurs have a much greater, and more productive, presence on the internet. As every good entrepreneur knows, we must "digitize" our business, otherwise, we will be left behind due to the high competition in all sectors of the world. That is why we decided to create a showroom where B2B entrepreneurs could exhibit their products, whether they are manufacturers or service providers. Wholesalers and importers and exporters are also welcome. Shoppa.in has become a benchmark for reliability thanks to its new technology and innovative measures never before seen. Shoppa.in has become the leading reference for people who want to expand their business worldwide thanks to the power of the internet.


Every company you come across online or visit daily has arich history that speaks more about its operations. There is a lot to gatherfrom the Shoppa.in history besides the fact that it is the leading B2Bmarketplace in India. Any entrepreneur, who has been enjoying success in theonline market, will refer you to Shoppa.in if you want to grow and expand yourbusiness.

We have been embracing the power of the internet to offerour customers a means to increase their online presence. We have been offeringour services since 2020 for both online sellers and buyers. Via ONLINKS WEB SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED,our clients have been enjoying the best portal for designing and developingwebsites.

As an entrepreneur, you need to trust us for the bestservices and products. Significantly, we provide our large clientele base witha wide variety of products and on a 24/7 basis. Our extensive range of productsincludes home appliances, agricultural products, food & beverage products,industrial supplies, and apparel and fashion accessories.

We are also the best marketplace for chemical products,furniture & carpentry services, real estate, construction, and buildingmaterial and services. Don’t have any reservations looking for or placing anorder for any of our services or products. You need to register at Shoppa.inand buy top-quality wholesale products.

Our prices are friendly, and you should not have any worriesabout finding a seller or a buyer who will meet your preferences and needs. Wehave also achieved significant milestones in the B2B marketplace. We have 130employees, 900 brands, 400 products, and services sub-categories as well asmore than 3000 satisfied clients.

At Shoppa.in, we work with different trusted partners andclients, and you should not have any worries about visiting our website. Wepresent our clients with a reliable means to grow and expand their venturesglobally by embracing the power of the internet.

Feel free to reach our support team if you haveany inquiries. Significantly, contact us via different social platforms likeTwitter, Facebook, Gmail, and LinkedIn. We welcome you to be a part of our vastglobal reach, and we are eager and more than willing to serve you.

Our Mission


The Shoppa.in mission is to reach the limit that its innovative technology and talent can offer to help clients obtain desired success with maximum profitability and transparency. It is not that easy to succeed in the business sector if you do not have the knowledge, willpower, and resources. Here is where we come in and provide our clients with expertise and the right talent that will help them succeed in their endeavors.

We spur our customers to be honest, open-minded, and straightforward about the available business operations. We don’t just focus on the presence of your business online but put profitability into consideration. At Shoppa.in, we focus on identifying growth opportunities for our clients’ businesses as they move beyond the start-up stage.

Thanks to our mission, entrepreneurs will be able to focus on their desired business and new ones. We work with different clients, even those who do not have experience in this sector. As an aspiring entrepreneur,you need to trust us. We understand that being transparent is a long-term undertaking. Every aspiring entrepreneur has to commit to becoming more open.

Being a reputed leader in the wholesale B2B market, we will help you solidify the core values of your business. We embrace integrity in ouroperations and strive to be as honest as possible. We will help you increaseyour online presence and help clients understand your activities.

Being experts in the online market, we embrace abusiness-to-business ideology, and we will help you share information with yourtarget customers hassle-free. We will keep our clients’ trust by providingthem with a wide array of products and services. We offer our clients top-notchproducts and services that will, without a doubt, meet your needs. We alsowelcome you to Shoppa.in and have a look at the products that make our missionstandout.

Our vision


The Shoppa.in vision is to offer 100% capacity and attention to work to achieve the success of workers and to generate confidence in the face of new potential clients.Thanks to the live showroom and instant consultations on a 24/7 basis, it hasbecome easy to achieve this vision.

We utilize the advent of the internet and our expertise inthe field to help B2B business-minded people achieve their goals. We have madeuse of this opportunity to help entrepreneurs have a better and productivepresence on the internet. It is great these days to digitize your business andstay ahead of your competitors.

We have gone on to create a showroom where our customers candisplay their products. It does not matter whether you are a service provideror a manufacturer. You can embrace this platform, whether you operate as awholesaler, exporter, or importer, and expand your business presence online.

We encourage our clients to work hard and embrace ourinnovative technology to achieve their goals. Making such a decision isrewarding has any business-minded client will enjoy the profits. Allentrepreneurs need is to trust us at Shoppa.in, and we will offer them the bestwe have in store. We strive and work hard to provide our clients with the mostsignificant exposure in the business world.