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      • Bio DieselRs 59/Litre Get Latest PriceBlend100% BiodieselMinimum Order Quantity200 LitreBiodiesel is an alternative fuel similar to conventional or ''fossil'' diesel. Biodiesel can be produced

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      Company Overview

      The biodiesel can be generated from crude palm oil, neem oil, karanja oil, jatropha oil, mahua oil and many more. In addition to this, frying (cooking) oils can be also used for bio diesel production.

      Ensure Bio Diesel Benefits :

      Higher lubricity

      Greatest reduction in emission

      Biodegradable- 95% degradation in 28 days, where as diesel fuel degrades 40% in 28 days

      Positive impact on agriculture

      Diesel substitute from renewable sources

      Used in diesel engine without major engine modifications


      Decreased global warming

      Bio diesel almost similar in properties to diesel fuel

      Eco friendly fuel

      Less sulphur content

      Reduction in exhaust gas emissions as compared to diesel fuel

      Packaging Type : Drum, Tanker

      Application : Vehicles

      Type : Biodiesel

      Color : Yellow

      Purity : 60-99.9%

      Use : Power Generation

      Certification : ABYC Certified

      Mr. Sunit Nibheria

      SD - 292, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201002, India

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