How B2B is different from B2C and what is more profitable

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Firstly we need to understand what is B2B and B2C stand for. B2B stands for business to business where the market runs from business to business. B2C stands for business to the customer means your products directly sell to the customers. Both are related to the business work but our customer connects only in one that is B2C.

We are living in a digital world where businesses are also becoming digital. Here, we can create websites for B2B and B2C marketplace to get your clients or customers. Before the internet business owners wait for the customers, wasted their time but now business owners can reach the customers through the website.

B2B sells their product to other business and B2C directly target personal customers. B2B e-commerce is an anytime and anywhere method. This process is easy and fast for other businesses and customers as well.

How B2B e-commerce is more complex than B2C?

 B2B process is more complex and trendy. It is difficult to understand how they work and how they get other businesses to sell their products. Every entrepreneur always thinks about their profit and it is okay to think about the profit but it is the harsh truth that B2B buyers and sellers both cannot get profit at the same time while doing business with each other.

B2C is not complex it is easy to purchase and sell. You need to see the product and buy it at a convenient price. The B2C seller also does not have any issue selling any product on the website.

Before purchasing any products B2B buyers have to consult with multiple departments instead B2C customers only modify themselves.

B2B buyers take more time for researching and sourcing to accept the proposals. B2C customers do not take time while purchasing anything.

In B2B buyers deal with a high amount of value purchases which is more complex. In B2C there is a very low amount of value-added that is easy to handle.

It is tough for B2B buyers to fix the deal because they are purchasing for the entire company. B2C customer is individual, easy to purchase.

B2B sellers are worried about transportation of logistics that can be costly. In B2C there is not an issue about transportation.

How to improve B2B e-commerce

Offer 24/7 customer support

You are aware of the complications of performing B2B need to improve this to get more businesses. You should offer robust customer support at every stage of the journey. Provide chatbots for 24-hour customer support.

B2B process already wastes their time in researching we consider making FAQ section that can give answers to questions. It is the best way to improve it.


It is important to provide a review process to customers to get them aware of the products. According to the survey, 76% of B2B buyers talk to someone who can guide them while researching a product or service but instead of this while ordering, only 15% of buyers want to speak to someone. Customer satisfaction is important to improve it.

Provide informative content

You cannot run B2B e-commerce with the emotional support you need to give information related to the products and services. It is very important to provide information about the products or services. FAQs, community forums, video demonstrations, live chat, etc. are important to implementation for business.

There is a connection between B2B and B2C that while purchasing products or services from sellers in B2B, the buyers will sell the products or services directly to the customers in B2C.


Shoppa.in is the best online platform for the B2B business. Here you will get all the information related to the products and services.  The mentioned above issues and improvements are already been there.

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