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    Construction equipments

    this is a separate console housing an oil tank, electric motor, relay etc. Inside the oil tank are mounted two pumps which are worked with the help of a cam rotating inside the tank. The cam is rotated by the electrical motor and belt. Above the tank is fitted a head pump. All plungers are accurately machined and no oil seals are used. Special non-return valves are fitted in the pumping system for trouble free long service. A dip stick is provided to know the oil level in the tank. A drain to remove oil is fitted at the base of the tank. The pumping unit has on its front panel a slow fast lever to control the rate of loading, a release valve and a slit to enable a rod to be inserted in hand pump to operate the pumping unit manually. A pressure gauge is fitted in front at a convenient angle. The pressure gauge has 200 divisions for its full capacity. Inside the pressure gauge is fitted a micro switch. This micro switch automatically cuts off electrical supply to the pumping unit on reaching full capacity of the pressure gauge. Currency: INR Min Order: Bulk Price : Ask for price RAJASTHAN POLICE HOUSING & CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION LIMITED
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