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      shoppa.in welcomes you to India's pioneered web info galaxy. Genuine information dissemination is one of the prime objectives of shoppa.in that makes our business a matter of reliability and trustworthy affairs. In order to build up authentic business relation with you we would like to present before you all detail about our terms and conditions.

      • shoppa.incollects information from its registered users, visitor under certain conditions and agreements. Personal as well as business information can be shared/kept secret as per the agreements.
      • All the information, services, software, documents and materials available on or maintained by shoppa.inare subjected to the terms and conditions defined by user(s) agreements.
      • shoppa.inholds the right to change/modify the terms and conditions at any point of time with prior information in this regard to the concerned stakeholders.
      • Use of all the information, services and materials displayed in our site should be as per the suggested guidelines.
      • Breaching of defined terms and condition may result into instant termination of the user membership or authorization.
      • shoppa.indoes not take part in the agreement arrived at by the user(s) with any third party. It's the sole duty of the user(s) to verify the genuineness of any third party business transaction.
      • Plagiarizing or misusing of contents and information uploaded on shoppa.in shall be treated as offensive practice and necessary action may be initiated against the user(s) as per the terms and conditions.
      • shoppa.indoes not propose/recommend you to go ahead with any specific business event of any person or organization without verifying the depth in detail. We upload only general type of information.
      • Under no circumstances shoppa.in is liable for any damage caused in your business transaction. It is the user's sole responsibility to check out the truthfulness and authenticity regarding further business.
      • shoppa.in reserves all exclusive right/authorization to protect the information/material/services/contents under concerned copyright law and other intellectual property right laws. Copying of any information/material/services/contents would be a subject of legal action under copyright violation laws.

      Note : The enquiries will be removed automatically from the folder after 1 year from the receiving date.