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    Blyth Metals India Private Limited

    High Flux Cores Price: Depend upon quantity Get Latest Price High Flux cores offer the highest biasing capability of all powder core materials. The high saturation flux density (15,000 gauss) and relatively low losses of High Flux cores make them quite useful for applications involving high power, high DC bias, or high AC bias at high power frequencies such as Switching Regulator Inductors, In-Line Noise Filters, Flyback Transformers, Power Factor Correction (PFC), and Pulse Transformers. Learn more about High Flux Cores including applications, advantages of High Flux cores versus Powdered Iron cores, Silicon Iron laminations, and Ferrites. Five large sizes have been added to the High Flux toroids, including the massive 165 millimeter core. Large Powder Core toroids are a cost-effective option for high current applications, such as: UPS, large Power Factor Correction (PFC) chokes and inverters for renewable energy. View High Flux Material Property Curves including Normal Magnetization curves, Core Loss Density curves, Permeability versus Temperature curves, Permeability versus DC Bias curves, Permeability versus AC Flux, and Permeability versus Frequency curves.  Currency: INR Min Order: Bulk Price : Ask for price Blyth Metals India Private Limited
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