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      Fresh Kiwi

      Fresh Kiwi

      • Rs 200 - Rs 500 / KilogramCalories : 61/ 100gmsSodium : 3 mg/ 100gmsTotal Carbohydrate : 15 g/ 100gmsPotassium : 312 mg/ 100gmsTotal Fat : 0.5 g/ 100gmsProtein : 1.1 g/ 100gms

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      Company Overview

      Freshlead International Private Limited is a rising name in the agro industry of India. It is engaged in the supply of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables across the country while procuring them from trusted producers. We are dealing in fresh vegetables like capsicum, pumpkin, tomato, onion, potato, radish, mushroom, garlic, lemon, turnip, drumsticks, etc. In our fruits, we are offering all types of fruits like mango, grapes, papaya, plum, sapota, peach, orange, litchi, pineapple, and many others. Our offered vegetables and fruits are laced with high nutrient content and are very healthy for consumption.

      Freshlead International Private Limited is a company that is established recently in 2019 but in just a small time, it has gained prominence among its clients. Based in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India), we have become a favorite of our clients across the country. 

      Our Warehousing Unit

      We understand that the storing of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables is not an easy task and a lot of attention is to be given for the same. Our warehouse is lined with the state of the art storage facilities where we can keep the fruits and vegetables in their intact condition without hampering their quality, taste, feel, texture, or the suppleness.

      Customer Satisfaction

      The prime goal of our team mates at Freshlead International Private Limited is to serve the clients and attain 100% client satisfaction. We ensure that our customers are completely assisted and offer nothing but the excellent grade fresh fruits and vegetables. Our personalized approach to handling our clients make us popular among them.

      If you like to get few samples. Please feel free to contact us