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      Fresh Pineapple

      Fresh Pineapple

      • Fresh ripe pineapples should have green, fresh-looking leaves in a small, compact crown, and a leaf should be easy to remove if fully ripe. Once again, the nose proves to be a powerful tool in

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      Company Overview

      EGT Export Import , is a family run business over 15 years has grown from strength to strength to emerge as a major supplier of quality Ginger in India. Having established an extensive domestic market in Ginger.Established in the year 2003, in EGT (Karnataka, H.O.Kerala, Pulpally), we have leveraged on the expansive experience of 15+ years. We don't have any competitor in the market. We are purchasing from all Karnataka Especialy Mundgod , Shikaripura, HD Kotta, Periyapattana, Kushal Nagar, Hullally and the state level Karnataka, Kerala ,Tamilnadu, Siliguri, Megalaya as well in Country level India, Nepal, Bhuttan

      • Mr. Biju
      • Chettapalam (Post), Padichira (Village), Pulpally (Panjayath), Sulthan bathery (Talik), Wayanad, Kerala, India - 673579

      If you like to get few samples. Please feel free to contact us