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      Kv School Uniform

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      We help in connecting the manufacturers and suppliers from all over the country to come and enhance their business by using the services of our platform. They can contact each other and earn more profit by selling their product beyond their bounded limits. They deal in the uniform of KV school.

      Tie: They offer you ties to KV schools.

      Belt: Belts for kids and secondary students are available at a cheaper cost.

      Shoes: They provide shoes for girls and boys available in different sizes at economical prices. 

      Skirt: Skirts for school girls are available to them in various sizes. Skirts are made of fine quality fabrics.

      Shirt: Shirts for all students are available with them of the best quality fabrics at convenient prices. 

      Socks: They offer you the school socks for all students. 

      Apart from this, they offer swimming dresses for students and other equipment. Material for suit and salwar is also available to them at affordable prices.