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8085 P Training & Development System with Programmer & I/Os

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Switch Mode Power Supply +5v 1A, +12v 1A, -12v 0.5A

  High performance 8 bit 8085A CPU @ 3 MHz

  •     16 K powerful monitors FIRMWARE including all standard commands, codes, functions and utility subroutines.               Expandable upto 32 K
  •     64 K user RAM with battery backup using 3.6V Ni-Cd Battery
  •     Bank Switching Technique to use expanded RAM
  •     Write protect facility for RAM
  •     Versatile Keyboard/Display controller using 8279, 24 highly reliable dual function keys, 6 digit Seven Segment LED          Display
  •     48 Parallel I/O lines from Two 8255 are brought out on separate FRC connector
  •     Serial I/O through 8251 USART, with On Board level shifters 1488 & 1489
  •     On Board EPROM programmer with ZIP socket for programming 2716 to 27512 EPROMís. Normal & Intelligent modes
  •     Three 16 bit Timer/Counter channels are available on-board, using 8253. These channels are available on a 10 pin FRC          connector
  •     On Board ADC, DAC, Opto-Isolator, Reed Relay and Miniature Speaker, Logic Probes & Audio Cassette Interface

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