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Natural Snake Repellent

Rs 500.00 / Bottle

Foam                        Liquid

Packaging Type        Spray Bottle

Packaging Size        500ml

Acid Percentage        0.03%

only one of its kind where ancient and modern knowledge blends effectively to happily drive / repel away all sorts of crawling / flying  pests in an most humane, Eco friendly, non violent & safe way.

Eco friendly Natural snake repellent spray. 

About product :-

Specifically made from natural  food grade citrus & pickling  ferments. 

With following Benefits 

* Water based formula 

* Natural products with no side effects. 

* Free from poison & toxins.  

* Smells great 

* Safe with  kids and pets around. 

* Ready to use self spray product. 

* Doesn't harm or kill snakes. 

* Safely deters, restricts & Repells all types of snakes.

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