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      Paper Bowl Machine

      Paper Bowl Machine

      • JBZ-D Paper bowl forming machine is used to produce all kinds of single side PE coated paper bowls for ice cream , instant noodle, soup and fast food ,etc.JBZ-D Paper Bowl Forming Machine is

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      Company Overview

      Prasanna Machines is from Navaraj Group of Companies. The Group exists since 1989 in readymade city "Puthiamputhur". We have established a base in the market and are Leading Importer and supplier of china made Automatic Paper cup machine, High speed paper cup machine, Double side PE Coated Paper cup machine, Paper Plate machine, Ice-cream paper cup machines, Automatic paper cup machine, Paper cup blank cutting machine & Fully automated Single side PE coated paper cup machines. We provide High Quality Paper cup machines with their cost seem to be very competitive.

      If you like to get few samples. Please feel free to contact us