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PRC 1500 Portable Rugged Computer

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Power                         250W ATX

Audio                         Buzzer

CPU Type                 Intel CPU

Memory                     Typically 128 MB

Portable Rugged Computer

This product is manufactured by DYNALOG.



* Full Aluminium Enclosure

* Fast access to card cage and PC cards

* High reliability in Harsh environments

* Processor card swappable as per performance needs

* Environmental specifications as per JSS 55555, L2 class (optional)

Open Architecture:-

* Full hardware and software compatible to PC/AT

* Supports ISA and PCI bus

* Supports all operating system on INTEL platform like DOS;     Windows 3.1x / 95/NT; UNIX; QNX; Solaris X86;   PSOS, VxWorks

Electrical Specifications:-

Display Module:

* 15Ē TFT Active Matrix Colour LCD Display with backlit

* Max. Resolution : 1024 x 768 pixels true colour

* Brightness : 200 cd/sq.m

* Contrast ratio : 300: 1

* View Angle : H: +70 / -70, V: +60 / -60

* Conductive film for EMI protection

* Acrylic sheet for LCD protection

Keyboard Module:

* Spill Proof

* PC/AT compatible Keyboard with integrated Serial Touchpad

* Touchpad compatible with Microsoft Mouse Driver

* Touchpad resolution : 500 points/inch = 20 points/mm

* Hinged Keyboard module acts as display cover

Processor Card:

* Pentium commercial motherboard with chipset Intel 845

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