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We provide the best services to connect a large number of manufacturers and suppliers so that they can trade in an easy way across the country. Manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, and importers can register with us and expand their trade beyond the limited areas. By expanding the area, they can increase their sales and earn more profit in their businesses. 

Hydrogen Peroxide: It is used to bleach natural and synthetic fibers. It does no harm to the fibers and fabrics. It takes a few minutes to bleach the fabrics. It is helpful in disinfecting the covid virus.

Liquid Bleach: Bleaching is the most essential step in treating textiles. It also comes in liquid form. It helps in removing the undesired colors and makes natural and synthetic fabrics attractive. 

Textile Binder: It is used in printing the fabric in various designs and colors.

Green Acid: It is environment friendly, non-toxic, and cost-effective used to dye clothes. It consumes less water and its colors remain long-lasting. It produces no harmful chemicals and substances. 

Bleaching Powder: It is used to remove the color from fabric and other materials. It is used as a disinfecting agent. It does not allow to shrink the woolen clothes. 

Acetic Acid: It is used for dying all types of fabrics such as natural or man-made. It regulates the ph scale of the clothes. It has no harmful impact on clothes and their colors.

Cationic Softener: It is used to give final finishing to the clothes. It increases lubricity.

Enzymes: It is used in textile to fasten the reactions. It can replace harmful chemicals, easy and safe to use. Starch can be removed using it. 

Soda ash: It is known as sodium carbonate. It allows the fiber to absorb dyes in a better way to give the best result in dying.

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