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      • The converter grade thyristor range extends upto 4350Amps with PIV upto 2800V incorporating standard packages of 14" unf stud in to hat range to 3"in capsule type. The inverter range is divided into

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      The Company has developed in-house Technology for Polyester Films in India and put its first State-of-the-Art plant to manufacture Polyester Films in the year 1976at Aurangabad in Maharashtra State, India which was the first plant of its kind in South-East Asia. The Company is the only one of its kind to manufacture its own raw material that is Polyester Chips to manufacture Polyester Films for variety of end applications such as Packaging, Electrical & Motor and Cable Insulations, Shrink Film for label application, Coloured Polyester Films for Window Tint application, sequin, TV Screen, Safety etc.

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